Awakening the Subconscious

Free-happy-woman-arms-up-prais-80716130Breathe work, Rebirthing, Conscious Connected Breath Work create a network between the “Subconscious of not knowing” and the “Consciousness of knowing”.

The Subconscious are fields of thought that we are not aware of; an unawareness that can work with us or against us.
Consciousness are fields of thought that we are aware of.
The more conscious we are the better we can understand our own methods and modes of interaction with ourselves and others.

Examples (of no one in particular):
Wanting to be in a relationship at any cost.
Wanting to be on our own but never doing it.
Hating a particular color for no known reason.
It goes much deeper than this and these are a few good examples.

In a breathe work session you lie on a blanket or mat and breathe. The breath is connected, no lags or pauses. As you allow the breath to penetrate every cell in your body, the cell give up hidden information.

You may encounter visions of memories or hear voices of past experience. It is like watching a movie and getting the entire footage. Sometimes there is an emotional response and other times… just observation. These may be conscious or unconscious thoughts.

When the session is over there is always a promise of information that you are gifted and sometimes the entire story.

The great thing about these bodies of ours is that they will not give you more than you are ready for.

Before a session drink plenty of water, eat light, drink no alcohol or take any drugs.

Enjoy the process and  allow the unknown in your subconscious to become conscious.

Ellen Delaney, Breathe Work Coach, LMT

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Ellen Delaney
Ellen has been has been educating massage therapist since 1990. She also taught nurses and Sunday school before moving on to a more wholistic approach to living and teaching.
Ellen has a gift for teaching her passions are brought to her writing, art work and the class room. A love of outdoors, trees, water and flowers nature within and out.

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