Vibrational Medicine

energyfamily-25141241Vibrational medicine is ancient. We can find the usage as far back as Ancient Egypt, Ancient China and very early Native American cultures. The Ancient Greeks, ancient India and the U.K. also used herbs and plants, oils and color and sound therapy. Biblical testimony in both the Old and New Testaments use oil and plants.

Acupuncture, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, use energy pathways called meridians to maintain balance. Shiatsu and Thai Massage use meridians also to balance the body energy pathways.
In India there are documents in Sanskrit ( one of the oldest written languages) that use the chakras as energy channels to the subtle body, yoga practices, chakra balancing and herbs help open and balance these points of energy (wheels of light) to maintain good health and balance.
The Greeks, Native Americans, and UK used plants, seeds, sound and oils most often given to the people by their shaman or spiritual leader (not to leave out any other indigenous peoples most used what was at hand and thus used herbs, sound, oils).

Today we have many of these vibrational medicines available because of those that came before us. If you are looking to learn more or want to become a practitioner there are many doors open to you. Maybe, you are looking for a practitioner and there are many.
To Your Health!

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Ellen Delaney
Ellen has been has been educating massage therapist since 1990. She also taught nurses and Sunday school before moving on to a more wholistic approach to living and teaching.
Ellen has a gift for teaching her passions are brought to her writing, art work and the class room. A love of outdoors, trees, water and flowers nature within and out.

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