Tap your affirmations in to your body!


Tapping technique to input your affirmations:

Temporal Tapping can reduce stress and increase your “positive thinking”!

Put your thumb to your 4th ring finger together and tap around like the letter “C”, up and down around each of your ears with both hands.

Rotate your eyes, with your head straight as you are tapping around your ears, with the above finger positions and saying the affirmations.  You have to do all three things at the same time!

Move your eyes in a complete circle, “Clockwise and Counter Clockwise with Eyes OPEN”, two times in each direction.

Move your eyes in a complete circle , “Clockwise and Counter Clockwise with Eyes CLOSED”, two times in each direction.


“I let go of of too much _______________________”


“I allow myself to feel more ___________________”


You can use these affirmations regarding your career choice and also with clearing emotions.

e.g. ” I let go of too much fear”.  (Do the complete routine, to clear the negative statement and than move on and re-do another complete cycle saying, “I allow myself to feel more confident” to tap in the positive statement.  Doing this daily twice per day for at least 3-4 weeks inputs the affirmations in to your body.  A new “neuropathway” will be created in your brain for the positive affirmation and soon saying your positive affirmation will be incorporated in to your energetic system and you will accept and believe it!

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Joyce Shing
Joyce Shing, BSN, RN, MBA, LMT is the owner of "The Healing Path" in West Palm Beach, FL, which provides various massage modalities and specializes in "Energy Kinesiology" balancing techniques.  She is a "Touch for Health" Practitioner and Certified instructor, and a Diplomate of Integrated Healing.  Joyce has been studying energy kinesiology since 2001.  She also specializes in the "Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage" massage for preop and postop cosmetic surgeries.  Joyce also is a Florida Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor.  Joyce believes in an "integrated health approach" for helping her clients achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit!  Joyce has lectured to business groups, to massage therapists, nurses, and to the public.  She is available to be a guest lecturer.


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