Lose Weight by Eating for your Ayruvedic Body Type!

soupI was 15-20 pounds overweight and I just got lazy about caring about my health and how I looked, because I was too busy.  My two sisters came to visit and there is nothing like comparing yourself to how your older sisters look.  As we stood to take a family photo, I got a snapshot of what I looked sideways and I suddenly got the message that I was looking like my Mom.  I always swore I would not have a belly and a wide butt like my Mom!

One of my friends recommended seeing an Ayruvedic Food Practitioner (using Indian assessment tools and food to heal your body) and shared how she helped him in getting him to eat the right foods for his body type.  I decided to have a consultation and got swamped with completing all the assessment forms to determine what was my body type.  After having a consultation, I found I had to eat “Vata Pacifying Foods”!  In Ayruvedic medicine, there are 3 doshas and your body constitution is a combination of the three doshas.  In simple terms, if one or all of your doshas are out of balance, you need to balance the dosha that is out of balance.  The imbalance can be caused by eating the wrong foods, chronic mental stress, negative thinking, and lack of sleep.  Due to the prolonged time of the imbalances, diseases can result.  Since I have rheumatoid arthritis, eating “vata pacifying foods” help in the  reducing the symptoms.  During my consultation, I learned I was to avoid foods that cause a sense of feeling “COLD”!  Imagine being told that you are not supposed to eat “raw” vegetables and salads!  It was true I preferred eating warm soups and warm food, than eating cold food.  Due to my arthritis, I was also told to become “gluten-free and dairy free” to decrease the inflammation.  At first, I thought this was too severe a dietary change and that the fad of being “gluten free” as over rated!  After 3 weeks of eating  “gluten free and dairy free”, I lost 9 lbs.  What was amazing that even doing minor changes to my diet, I realized although I am not allergic to gluten and do not have celiac disease, I found that I no longer have tummy bloating or tightness in my fingers!

So began the rush, to find edible gluten free bread, muffins and cookies.  Since I am on the run, I eat a lot of quickly made items.  One of the main changes, I have made is drinking hot water all day, either plain, with lemon, or tea.  I switched to using clarifying butter to cook (ghee) which was the only dairy I was allowed.  I also gave up my beloved “cheese” and pizza.  Adding probiotics and supplements also helped my diet. I now after 3 months have lost a total of 14 lbs. without being hungry, no counting calories or measuring and being able to eat bread and cookies in moderation.  I find that actually eating for my “OWN” body type is actually allowing me to become healthier and makes a lot of sense.

For further information about “vata pacifying foods” go to http://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/living…/diet/vata-pacifying-diet/

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Joyce Shing
Joyce Shing, BSN, RN, MBA, LMT is the owner of "The Healing Path" in West Palm Beach, FL, which provides various massage modalities and specializes in "Energy Kinesiology" balancing techniques.  She is a "Touch for Health" Practitioner and Certified instructor, and a Diplomate of Integrated Healing.  Joyce has been studying energy kinesiology since 2001.  She also specializes in the "Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage" massage for preop and postop cosmetic surgeries.  Joyce also is a Florida Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor.  Joyce believes in an "integrated health approach" for helping her clients achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit!  Joyce has lectured to business groups, to massage therapists, nurses, and to the public.  She is available to be a guest lecturer.


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