Why it is good to drink hot water

bigstock-Boiling-Water-On-Gas-628813-1As a child raised in a Chinese household, whenever I was thirsty, I went to a quilted lined basket to reach for the teapot of hot water.  My Mom always cautioned me to only drink boiled water and not to trust water from the tap, despite the fact that New York City water is considered the best water to drink.  I always assumed that my Mom, who lived in China, learned to boil water to kill all the bacteria, so it was safe to drink.  Years later, I was informed by my older sister that drinking hot tea while eating, was to help digest the grease in the food.  Hot water melts the fat in our gut.  As I began to study some of the principles of  Traditional Chinese Medicine, drinking hot water is to keep the “Chi” (the body’s life energy) at a higher level and not be drained to heat up cold water during the digestion process.  Hot water also accelerates our digestive process and helps “jump start” our metabolism  Cold water would “shock” our organs!  Hot water increases blood circulation and soothes the gut lining.  By hydrating the body, we help prevent constipation, fills up our stomach, so we do not crave more food and acts like an appetite suppressant.  Drink hot water through out the day with lemon, herbal teas, or just alone will help you loose weight!  I continue to drink hot water because my mother said so…

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Joyce Shing
Joyce Shing, BSN, RN, MBA, LMT is the owner of "The Healing Path" in West Palm Beach, FL, which provides various massage modalities and specializes in "Energy Kinesiology" balancing techniques.  She is a "Touch for Health" Practitioner and Certified instructor, and a Diplomate of Integrated Healing.  Joyce has been studying energy kinesiology since 2001.  She also specializes in the "Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage" massage for preop and postop cosmetic surgeries.  Joyce also is a Florida Board of Massage Continuing Education Instructor.  Joyce believes in an "integrated health approach" for helping her clients achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit!  Joyce has lectured to business groups, to massage therapists, nurses, and to the public.  She is available to be a guest lecturer.


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